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AS SEEN IN "NAILS" magazine!

This amazing tool will reduce the time it takes to sculpt perfect and consistent smile lines for acrylic applications of full sculptured, overlays, pink and white fills and can even be used on toes.


Effective use promises to cut the technician's time by 20% to 25% on nail services involving the creation of a “smile line”, which will enable you to make a much better profit per time spent on each service AND The French Tip Sculptor TM can also be used to quickly create exciting nail art!

Do you have trouble with creating a perfect French Tip look on yourself? You will be able to sculpt the French Tip look on your own hands in about half the time! The sculptor makes it so much easier to create that perfect cure on your right hand if you are a "righty" and vice versa for you "lefties"!

The French Tip SculptorTM will pay for itself the first few times you use it -
and it will last a lifetime!

The tool has SEVEN curves of incremental sizes that are formed around the perimeter. Each curve is used with it's corresponding nail size to cut into (wet) pink acrylic and drag it off the end of the nail, creating a barrier which serves as a precision guide for the application of the white acrylic. As the white acrylic is applied on the tip, it flows easily into the perfect smile line created by the Forever French Sculptor TM!

This tool is made from high quality stainless steel for easy clean-up and sterilization, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Simplified Instructions: Place a ball of pink acrylic at the cuticle and work it down to free edge of nail. Let the acrylic "flash" but not harden. Select the correct size curve on your sculptor and press down into the acrylic at the smile line, and drag the excess acrylic off the end of the free edge. When you apply your white acrylic, it will flow easily right up to the perfect curve created by the sculptor!
For back fills: Drill off 80% of the old acrylic over the entire surface of the nail. Follow the steps above - much faster than drilling in that new smile line!

Complete step by step instructions with photos included with your sculptor.

Sandra said...

Where can I find the French Tip Sculptor to purchase!? I can't find it anywhere!!!

Trisha said...

Where the heck do u find one of these?

Trisha said...

Where can I get one?!?!